Getting Started Getting Started in 3 Simple Steps

Music Festival Suites requires a User ID for a parent/guardian AND a student to register for classes.  Once created, the profile will be in the format of ENT00000.

To create a new profile, please visit 

If you already have a profile, you can log in, or use the right side menu to create a new profile and accept the terms and conditions.

Choose a discipline (Brass, Strings, etc.) and Review the notes, rules and regulations for the discipline and section.  Please do this for each discipline you wish to participate, as some rules are different by instrument.

The class notes the requirements and restrictions for each individual class, including the time limits and piece selection criteria.

Write down the ClassID of your choices e.g.  351003, 41101….

You need three things to register:

a.  Your Profile ID and the Profile IDs of your Teachers/Group Leader and/or Accompanist. 
b.  The Class number(s) you chose from the Syllabus and the necessary details about your selections such as playing time, composer, title of your selection, etc.
c.  A credit or debit card or the Profile ID of the person who will pay the fees.

Navigate to the Registrations tab to confirm the classes have been registered correctly.

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