Awards Available for the 2024 Festival

Every year, our adjudicators recommend top performers to be recognized with awards. 

These awards can have a very long lasting impact on the recipient.  At any age, these awards build confidence and a sense of accomplishment.  Many of our pre-teens and teens are able to list these awards on their resume to help get their first job.  Older teens may also be able list their awards on University or College applications or for scholarships which may further their career in music, or any other field.

We are thankful to our MANY donors whose contributions provide a meaningful impact through growing our participants confidence and sense of achievements.  

Please be aware that new awards may be added prior to the festival.

  • Barbara and Bill Campbell Memorial Award
  • Donna Fox Memorial Awards
  • Don McLean Memorial Award
    Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association, Kingston Branch, Awards
  • Ed Preston Memorial Award
  • Jean Robinson Memorial Award
  • Kenneth and Esther Russell Memorial Award for Performance Excellence     
  • Kingston Symphony Volunteers’ Awards for performance of orchestral instruments
  • Wendy Thorburn Memorial Awards
  • Westenberg Family Award    
  • Carl A. Boe Memorial Multi-Discipline Award
    • Will be given to a performer who has been recommended by adjudicators for awards in three of more of the following classes: (i) A solo instrument or voice; (ii) A second solo instrument or voice and one of: a duet, trio, quartet, or quintet in a musical instrument or voice; a solo, duet, trio or quartet in speech arts and drama; an original musical composition
  • Kiwanis Original Composition Award
  • Orchestra Kingston Competitive Concerto Awards
    • one for an applicant under the age of 18 and one for age 18 and over for the performance on an orchestral instrument (including piano.)
      The winner(s) may be invited by Orchestra Kingston to perform with them at one of their scheduled performances during the following season. 
  • Andy Forrester Memorial Award for senior band
  • Kiwanis Plaque for Junior Band
  • Kiwanis Award for Senior Band
  • Cantabile Community Choir Award (open for any community choir category)
  • The Martha Clark Choral Award
  • Patricia & Douglas Crawford Memorial Award for senior choir – high school or adult
  • Kiwanis Plaque for outstanding choir
  • Shelagh Leach Memorial Award for an Adult Choir
  • Elaine Pedlar Award for Elementary School Choirs
  • The Donna Gobin Memorial Rosebowl
    • will be awarded to a Piano student who is a permanent resident of Kingston or the surrounding area and, in the opinion of the adjudicator, shows greatest musicality, musicianship, promise and pleasure in performance. The recipient shall be working at a minimum level of grade eight.  He/she must have entered either a Sight Reading or Quick Study class.  The recipient must be prepared to perform at the Highlights Concert
  • Arthur and Eileen Keppel-Jones Memorial Awards for promising young Piano students
  • Donna Fox Memorial Award
  • Eunice A Millan Memorial Award for an accomplished Piano student at least grade 9 level
  • Jeanne and Frank Corbett Memorial Awards for Promising Young Piano Students
  • Joyce Putnam Memorial Awards for Senior Piano
  • Juliet Milsome Award for Senior Piano
  • Dr. Bryan and Marion Smith Memorial Award for Senior Piano
  • Susan Gibbons Suzuki Award for Piano is given to a piano student who performs a piece at a high standard for Suzuki Book 1 or 2.
  • Michel Szczesniak Memorial Award – for advanced piano
  • Van Nest Awards for Piano Duet and Trio and Sight Reading
  • Heeyun and Robert Brandon Memorial String Award
  • L. R. Digby Award for a Senior String player, preferably a cellist
  • Kiwanis Plaque for outstanding solo String Performance
  • Kiok Han Kwon Memorial Award for Junior Violin
  • Denise Williams Suzuki Award for Strings is given to a string student who performs a piece at a high standard from Suzuki Book l or 2 in Suzuki Strings Level 1 or 2
  • Clifford Watt Memorial Award for Instrumental Performer and/or Senior Voice
  • Harvey Award for Senior Strings
  • Mary James Memorial Award, preferably for guitar
  • Pauline and Clifford Kemp Memorial Award for Guitar or Voice
  • Cook Family Award for the most Outstanding Guitar performance

 Classical and General Voice Awards

  • Clifford Watt Memorial Award for Senior Voice and/or Instrumental Performer
  • Davy Family Award for most promising male vocalist
  • Juliet Milsome Award for Sacred Voice
  • Olive Juby Memorial Award for Voice            
  • Pauline and Clifford Kemp Memorial Award for Voice or Guitar
  • Dr. Ruth Tatham Memorial Sacred Solo Awards            
  • The Moir Memorial Tray for Voice
    • For a Voice student age 16 – 20 studying with a teacher in Kingston and who shows the greatest potential for serious vocal study    
  • The Russell Family Award for Excellence in Vocal Music
  • Cantabile Vocal Award (for any category under 18 voice, classical or musical theatre)
  • Cook Family Award for the most outstanding Musical Theatre performance
  • Dr. Eric and Eleanor Mae Murray Memorial Awards for Musical Theatre 
  • Elaine Pedlar Award for Junior Musical Theatre

 Pop Voice Awards

  • Alastair Cook Memorial Award for the Pop Vocal performance demonstrating the greatest originality or “Star Quality”
  • Cook Family Award for the most outstanding Pop Voice performance
  • Elaine Pedlar Family Award for Junior Popular Voice
  • Davy Family Award for most promising Winds/Brass/Percussion performer of a piece by a Canadian Composer
  • Kiwanis Plaque for outstanding solo Winds/Brass/Percussion performance.
  • Lynn Anne Milsom Memorial Award for the most promising clarinetist in Open or 18 and under 
  • Ross Kilpatrick Memorial Award for Woodwinds/Brass/Percussion

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